Monday, January 23, 2012

A Chilly Day Calls for Soup

Whether it's rain or snow nothing says comfort like a big bowl of soup.  I'm a soup person.  I could eat soup everyday and never tire of it.  Naturally, I would want a little variety in kinds of soup.  :)  It's my favorite meal to eat in the winter or chilly fall day. 

I love this soup.  I posted about it last year.  Click here to read the post.  I think it's worth re-posting.  I have some different readers now.  I also made a big pot of Simple Perfect Chili, Pioneer Women style last night. (no pics though)  I just love her blog, so funny.  I like her approach to food and enjoy reading about ranch life. I love her new show on Food Network too.  I like that it's not difficult and time consuming.  I flip through some cookbooks and think what?? Where in the world am I going to find that?  I feel pretty confident in my cooking skills, but not quite Chopped material if you catch my drift.  LOL!

Have a blessed day, stay dry and warm,


  1. Thats looks yummy! We had chili tonight and I am thinking of veggie soup for tomorrow night. This cool weather makes me want something warm simmering away on the stove.

  2. Carey,
    Y U M! This looks similar to "Crunch, Munchy Chili" we serve on the Prairie!!! Perfect for you, I , too could eat soup anyday of the week. Appetizer or main meal...I love soup!

  3. Y.U.M! I love taco soup and so does my family.