Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Birthdays....Growing up way too Fast!

My time does fly by...especially in the Fall.  I wish I could keep them little forever but they do have to grow-up!  We had a whirl wind month full of Birthday celebrations.  My daughter did a hollywood glamour theme and my son had a typical boys party, no fluff!  :) We went to That Fun Place so they could play games, do laser tag and run!

11 and getting bigger :( not a baby anymore
I love poetry.  I think this poem summarizes how I feel about them at this point in my life.

Growing Up Poem

I Get Through, You Get Through, We Get Through

© Julie Buchholz
I remember the first time I held each and every one of you, little toes, little hands and your little noses. I said to myself, how am I going to get each one of you through? Will I get through?

I remember each and every one of you being sick for that first time, me just holding you through the night, just to get you through.

I remember each and everyone getting on that school bus for the very first time, a smile and wave to me saying you were on your way. You were still at the age that if you were hurt with boo boos or hurt feelings, you knew I would be home for you and I would get you through.

I remember each and every one of you growing more and more each year. Suddenly my being there was not all what was needed and all of you began your independence, I said to myself at that time how am I going to get through? My love for each of you prevailed, my strength became enormous, as I knew my love and guidance would get us all through.

You, all of my children are growing up and making your own choices now, me hoping you will hit that V and take a right. I’m not needed anymore as you used to want me to be, but I am there with my heart but adolescent age, does not let you see. I know what you are going through, I remember me there so clear. Friends, peer pressure, insecurities, unknown results of your choices and the feeling of being invincible. Your life is now, your choices you own, whether they are good or bad. I know my words can only be guidance, my love for you I will show with each and every day, but the choices that you making right now will take you on your own life’s way. I pray that you all take my love that I used to get us through, to grow and complete yourselves, to see the rest of your way through.
I hope your enjoying the Fall season with your family.  We have a much needed Fall break coming up and I am planning on taking full advantage!