Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Fun and Family

Hello, how's your Fall been?  In my neck of the woods it's pretty busy :)  That's why it's been so long between posts.  I'd love to tell you I've been redecorating my family room or baking something yummy...truth is I'm just working.  I have had a hard time even reading blogs lately let alone enough time to squeeze it in between laundry, after school activities and lesson plans. 

Somethings else has been occurring too...birthdays 2 of them!  My daughter turned 12, yikes! Then my son turned 10, both double digits now.  We've been busy with planning his birthday and scout activities.  Next week I start on our church Christmas play.  I do love this time of year, really I do.  Hopefully, I'll be back to share more recipes and decorating very soon.  Here are some randoms shots over the last few weeks.

She has turned into one fine young lady.  I'm so proud of her.

So what do twelve year olds want, well this one wanted a giftcard to Goodwill!  Yep, she's a bargain shopper!  That's my girl!

Yep, even the dog had a b-day!

the cat reluctantly gave her a gift :)

driving through the park my DD took some of these shots

at the orchard, my daughter figured out a way to get the apples up high :)

my crew make me happy and crazy most of the time! LOL

playing his favorite game at the party

Nerf is a big deal in my house.

my baby is hoo :(

Blessings to you this Season,