Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Harvest Thyme

Welcome to my Fall Home!  Fall is my favorite season and I feel like my home looks its best this time of year.  I really pay attention to all the details of Fall.  I change my colors, textures and smells for Fall.

Please come in and grab a cup of hot cider!

Welcome to my home, please come in my front door!

Today while in church our pastor gave a sermon about Radical Hospitality.  This isn't the first time I've heard this term used.  We talked about it at my other church, as well.  However, with the change of season it got me thinking, this is so close to the idea of ushering in friends and family to our home.  I tend to think of this as soon as the weather turns a little chilly.  We tend to stay inside more.  Maybe this is why Fall is so ideal for inside gatherings. In our home we celebrate two birthdays along with the usual holidays of Fall.  So, I really think about what kind of atmosphere I want to create.  When the kids go back to school a deep cleaning is something that usually takes place.  I also try to rid the house of the any clutter.  With all this done, I can usually begin to bring out my decorations.   

my entryway

 I think Hospitality blesses our family in the way that the church is welcoming people to Christ.  Our goal is to make everyone feel safe to step inside...

my mantle

I went with a white theme this year.  I started with my apple sign and since is was outlined in white I used the white pumpkins.

Speaking of pumpkins...

I grew all these that you see here in my garden.  Each year I search for white pumpkins and usually find very few so I decided to grow my own.

Fragrance is so much a part of my life.  When I am at home a candle or tart is usually burning.  I have Primitive Gatherings here.  It's a rich, apples cooking on the stove with spices scent.  I love the rich colors of Fall.  I also love the warm and cozy linens and quilts that serve two purposes, warmth and color.

on top of my kitchen cabinets, Hot Mulled Cider sign

I have this sitting on my stove.  At the time I was baking something :)

my favorite little gathering here, I saved the best for last!

I just want to encourage you to Welcome people to come to your homes this season.  Invite them over for a Pot Luck, you provide the Main Dish and everyone else brings sides, desserts!  It doesn't just have to be for a holiday or special occasion.  Christ showed us his love and we should be welcoming others just like he did.  Let's show some Radical Hospitaliy to all our friends, church family and maybe even a stranger in need. 

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Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Beginning to Feel Like Fall...

Can you believe the calendar?  I know I can't believe that summer went by so fast.  I guess time goes faster and faster the older you get.  LOL!  This weekend I've been decking out my place with my favorite things.  I've got scarecrows, pumpkins, leaves and lots of yummy smells floating around my house.  I even did a little baking today!  I guess there is something about Fall that I've always come to appreciate.  I don't know if it's the sights, smells or my good memories growing up.  However, Fall is my favorite season!  Here's a little sneak peek, I'll be posting more very soon.  Whatcha been up to this weekend?



Thursday, September 1, 2011

Preserving God's Bounty

Do you ever feel like your world is slowly but certainly spinning out of control?  I thought that this would be wonderful, the start of school for everyone.  A schedule...Turn out it's craZy!  My first week of school was a bumpy one to say the least.  My husband is now working two jobs.  I'm happy that he is working but we now have only two days a week together.  Most nights he doesn't even have time to eat dinner with us.  I really hate that!  He is off rushing from one job to the next.  Then we had two appointments this week.  That didn't help.  I also found out my son needed glasses too.  He isn't quite as bad as my daughter.  We just got her a new prescription and contacts.  So just when I thought we had everything caught up, school fees, supplies, bills etc. more thing.  Poor guy it's not his fault.  I guess they both take after Dad.  Throw in my garden is really producing tomatoes like crazy and canning and my week was a nightmare. 

Here's what I've been canning:

First I had beets.  My turnips died, not sure why??

next came the tomatoes so I have made diced tomatoes, green beans and whole tomatoes, and marinara

(not my tomatoes)

I've also made several batches of salsa.  My watermelon and cantalope are dying.  They were doing really good and just stopped growing.  I picked one last night and we're eating that one. People at church told me I need sandy soil and dry conditions. 

Gardening reminds me of the scriptures.  Even though I have complained about the timing I am thankful for my garden.  I love being able to reap the harvest of all my labor.  The bounty of the food that follows a long hot, dry summer.  It does remind me though of all the beautiful gifts that God has given to us.  I love the quiet of nature and spending time in the garden.  I think we can grow closer to him by taking some time to reflect upon all the beauty in the everyday. 

How does your garden grow?? As you go about your week I hope you will take time to reflect and enjoy the everyday beauty that surrounds us...have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the fruits of your labor!