Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Favorite Aunt

Hello, blogging friends I had a very different post planned, but feel moved to tell you the story of someone I was close to.  I began this blog for many reasons but one of them was to preserve my families memory and tell their story. Today I lost one of the last of my families Matriarchs, my aunt.

She was the wisest woman I know besides my mom.  At a very young age she began taking care of me.  I can remember sitting in her kitchen watching her.  It didn't really hit me until recently how much alike we are.  Or I should say that I have patterned my own domestic life after her.  For example, she always put out a great spread of food.  She really knew how to set a table.  I see pretty tables capes on other blogs.  Let's be honest, they aren't real practical. Although her table was simple, it was perfect.  She had the essentials salt, pepper shakers and napkins.  She always had some kind of centerpiece.  At least one Rooster or two as I recall.  She collected them. Then she added place mats that reflected the season.  We always had napkins right next to our plate.  You never really needed anything because she was the consummate hostess.  Her table was always near a window so you could watch the birds.  I remember all the feeders she had and I loved watching them.  She was very neat and tidy.  Her house had to be just so-so.  So did her hair ;) Working in the health-care field she knew how important it was to keep things clean and sanitary.

my mom is on the left, my aunt is on the right

I loved talking with her the most.  She had so many stories about our family.  I loved it when my mom and I used to have dinner with her and my uncle every Sunday.  She always wanted to hear about you and your life.  From the time I was little until now she listened.  She was a great listener.  I could go on and on about my memories and how much I loved her.  I would like to make a little partial list of the things she taught me.  Since this is the New Year I challenge all of you to visit your relatives.  Visit them in their homes or nursing homes and just talk to them about their life and memories.  RECORD THIS, WRITE IT DOWN. Don't wait!

Little bits of Wisdom from my Aunt Princess (Yes, this is her real given name)

*Live your own life, don't listen to what others tell you to do.
* Listen to Political Candidates and then make up your own mind, don't listen to polls, focus groups and others (pertinent for today)
*Make Pie, she was a baker and she loved to make pie the most.
*Eat dinner with your family every night, it's the most important thing you can do
*Don't allow your children to be disrespectful to you.  Don't be their friend.  You're not doing them any favors.
*Don't bicker and argue with your siblings, she never argued with my mom.  They always discussed things if something was bothering them. Her aunt and mother always fought so this was important to both of them.
*Family is the most important thing.
*Never go to bed angry with your mate.
*Treat your husband with respect and kindness.  Do things for him.  Make him feel special.  (My uncle treated her like a real Princess too)
*Sometimes you have to let things go, anger.  Forgive others.
*Focus on the positive in your life.  Don't dwell on the negative.
*Having a clean and tidy house blesses your family in more than one way.
*Read the bible daily, and pray.  God listens to your prayers.
*Don't waste food.  (She lived during the depression and I heard many stories about their life)
*Don't take things for granted.  (job, family, house)
*Don't spend money you don't have, pay your bills first.
*Love on those kids they grow up way too fast.

I'm so grateful for the visits I have had with her the past few years I've been back home.  I have no regrets. I know she is in God's hands now.  He called her home...she is reunited once again with the rest of our family.  That is my source of comfort right now.  I love you forever Aunt Princess...RIP



  1. OH Carey, I'm so sorry for your loss. It is just so hard to loose those so dear. I must say that I have to agree with EVERY last one of her bits of advice. Not a one can steer a person wrong.

  2. Awww, what a sweet tribute! We should all be so lucky to have an Aunt Princess. :) Sorry for your loss, my friend.

  3. I feel your pain, Carey....I know it must be a great loss to you. You were very blessed to have a wonderful Aunt, like her. Wonderful tribute!
    Wish I could give you a bear hug!


  4. So sorry for your loss Carey! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!!


  5. I am so sorry for your loss. My mother passed away 22 years ago before her mother did and now it is just my mothers sister left. I don't know what I will do with out her when the time comes! I want to be there for her always and they have so much to teach us. Your Princess will always be with you. God bless her and you also.