Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter Woods in the Media Room

Ok, so I've been thrown for a loop this week and didn't get my second level posted. Between illness, meetings, work, and Christmas shopping it's that busy time of year!

Here's my favorite tree this year.  It's composed of ornaments bought on clearance at JC Penney last year and some grapevine garland, a star I borrowed from somewhere else that stays year round. 

Winter woodland theme

I had most of the snowflakes and deer already.  The little cable knit stockings and the pinecone snowflakes came from Kohl's.

 I had these little trees last year too.  I just love them.  I got the snowball garland from the dollar store last year.  :) 

The snowmen like their home down here.  They stay up after Christmas.  
 My snowman collection
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Funnel Christmas tree

Hello!  Do you ever get inspired by a magazine picture, Pinterest or blogs lately?  Several years ago I came across a Country Living magazine that had a photo of a tree made out of oil funnels.  Over the years I began collecting various sizes until I had enough for a tree.  I keep this up year round above my cabinets.  I just love this look.  I moved it in a different place in my kitchen during the Christmas season. 

I added the green juniper berry wreath at the bottom for the season.  I think it looks great with the blue granite ware.  

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vintage White Christmas

It's that time of the year!  The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!  I can't wait to share my home with you.  I feel so blessed this season.  I've had a great time taking a full week to deck out my home.  If you're new to my blog welcome!  :)  I am adding a link to my sidebar in case you want to see last years decorations.  For some reason I'm in love with white this year.  However, I can't do all white at Christmas so I compromise with my other self who loves Red!!! My home has three levels so I will start on the main level and show you more pics later this week and next. 

My kitchen, come inside through my side door the one everyone uses!  :)

 Greeting you is my little white tree in the mudroom!

This is my little white FArmhouse TaBle I painted white.  It was a steal at K-Mart and my husband painted it white.  It used to be black. My dog had to get in on the pics too. LOL!

 I change my chalkboard and apron for the seasons. 

my little stove with ornaments I have picked up

Just a wooden box filled with canning jars and little white candles and I tucked in our salt and pepper.  We eat breakfast here on the weekends.  I love it!

Here's my candy cane snowflake things all grouped.  

Here's a shot of my kitchen from the family room.  I 'm still in love with this gingerbread house. I have garland and little white lights above cabinets. 

 My little sink area is dressed up too.  Each front window has a wreath and candle.  I have a lot of windows!

The Dining Room

I'm loving the little trays and trees this year.  I scored the little candles at K-Mart too.  They Sandra Lee's line sugar maple vanilla, yummy!

My Hoosier decked with gingerbread men.

My nativity from my childhood.  I love this...such memories.  The real reason for the season

Family room
Santa Collection

 I bought a white garland this year and kept the snowflakes and the Pom Pom garland is from Hobby Lobby.  I love this winter white look.  The sign is very vintage looking and the bottle brush trees are from a local antique mall.


Graniteware bowl filled with snow and icy candle ring and Fresh Balsam from Bath and Body Works.

May the Lord bless and keep you this season :) Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Thankfulness and Garr Home Tour

Hello, I can't believe how the month of November flew by...we were busier than normal this month.  I am so excited for the season.  I can't wait to share my decorations with you all!  I'm least with the majority.  Now I will tweak and hubby with any luck will finish up the outside with our warm weather today!  :)

We had a great Thanksgiving, so blessed to be around the table with our family.

We went and toured a home that was built in 1876 by Abram Gaar, in Richmond, IN.   It was so fascinating.  This family spared no expense building their home.  They made their fortune selling steam engines and threshing machines.  It cost 20,000 dollars to build then and today estimated over 5 million.  Many of the furnishings you see are originals to the home that Agnes shopped for at the World's Fair.  She had very rich taste.  Gaar's great granddaughter restored their house in the 70's and they opened in it for tours.  IF you ever get a chance and are traveling it's a must see.  TheGaarHouse 

the view

This is the entrance, and guarding the stairs is Scottish knight.

This was one of my favorite rooms.  It's the parlor and study on other end of the room.  The fireplace is Italian marble and the other fireplaces are painted to look like marble.  This one Agnes bought at the World's Fair.  The desk at the other end has an intricate design that is repeated by the ceiling from the artist.  It took 7 months to complete this room and the painter had to lay on his back on a scaffolding like Micheal Angelo.


 This is the study where their family bible still sits.  The bookcases were all custom built.

Can you believe the curve in this staircase?  It's the back one too.  All power tools.  I am in awe of this craftsmanship

Butler's Pantry

My favorite room, the Kitchen :)

the icebox

This is the butler's pantry and it goes up to the third level of the home.  They also had a laundry shoot and recycled the ice from the icebox for the wash.  Pretty neat and we thought we were the ones with innovative ideas!

This is the dining room.  The table is hand made and seats 14 with all the leaves.  This day it did not have all the leaves in it.  The sideboard is hand carved and has edelweiss flowers on it which are also on the wall coverings and paint in the room.  This was Agnes favorite flower.  

This shot shows you each level.  The guide explained that people decorated the first level of their home much more lavish than the other levels because that's what most people see when they come visit.  The farm hands lived on the third level and it was much more farm house, very plain.   The fourth level had just one set of stairs and a lookout where Abram could keep track of his farm hands. 

From the hinges to the pocket doors and the detailed paper carvings throughout the home, this is an amazing historical home.  I learned so much and wish I could have spent even longer looking around.  Be back with more to share about my Christmas home tour!