Friday, January 29, 2010

Yogurt Parfaits w/Homemade Granola

Today, I thought I would share a recent find that I discovered for my kiddos! I've been trying to find different things to make them for a healthy breakfast.  They like yogurt, that's always a plus and fruit.  In the winter I will buy frozen, I find it better than some of the imported or icky tasting fruit out there.  I try to buy things in season mostly.  Anyway, my son has decided he doesn't like oatmeal but my DD likes it.  What to do?  I try not to fix different things for each of them so I found this little beauty and thought he would love it.  It's very healthy with only a minimal amount of sweetness and I find that it really gets you through the morning.  Do watch the sugar content on the yogurt that you purchase some of them are loaded with sugar. He doesn't realize of course that it's oatmeal too, shh!! we won't tell him.

Yogurt Parfaits w/Homemade Granola

If you want to make the homemade granola click here.  It's Ellie Krieger's version and I liked the fact that it gave me lots of energy for the day, also I omitted the raisins and added chopped dates, craisins and dried cherries at the end.

For the recipe to the lemon yogurt and fruit sauce click here.  Remember this is just the fruit part, scroll down the page.

Alternatives for serving

Granola with milk
Experiment with yogurts and fruit if you don't like vanilla or yogurt try other flavorings
Granola with fresh fruit and or milk
dry as a snack

Here's a link to my more recipes from Colleen's Kitchen!  Check it out!

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P.S> Stay tuned I haven't forgotten about the mantle makeover!


  1. I love fruit, yogurt, and granola parfaits... mmmmm...

  2. Looks my boys would love these!