Monday, January 18, 2010

Beginning to wish for a little of this....

Really not much going oh here just enjoying the long weekend with my family, and doing a little wishing for Spring.  I know it's early but I can't wait to see some new green growth after all this cold dreary weather we've been having.  I know it's been rainy and super foggy here with little to no sun.  Sure could use just a few little glimpse of spring, maybe in a few months.  Ah...the promise of Spring!

How about you?  Are you getting anxious yet?



  1. Oh, that is so lovely to think about, Carey...

    We were supoosed to get 4-5 inches of snow today. At last count, we were up to 18... *sigh*

    Glad you're enjoying your long weekend. We did too!

  2. I am VERY anxious. Trying to keep "sunny", but boy is it getting difficult. We get basically the same weather (I think) They are calling for sun tomorrow, fingers crossed.

  3. nope! that means "HOT" in guys get sick of snow and cold like we do hot.

  4. Oh Beautiful pictures ..and if I had a spring like that I would want it to hurry and arrive also ..But I'm like Denise in Florida ..Spring means the hot long summer is going to arrive here ..and we hate the hot here too !!!

    I'll take the spring you have pictured in a heart beat ...

    Blessings ,,Sara