Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year blogging buddies! I don't know about you but this is the time of year I tend to streamline my home.  I'm loving the clean look of my house right now.  All of my decorations came down today.  I've been working on it a little at a time.  I kept the frosty guys in my basement and scattered about my family room.  I think I may even keep my twinking lighted mini tree and snowman on my front porch for a while longer.  I love the fresh, crispness of dark green with icy white on my wreath, it's so perfect for Winter. 

Like many of you resolutions are something I don't make and keep very much so I didn't this year.  Although I have some weight I'd like to lose that's for sure.  It has slowly been creaping back and I'm to the point I have to do something about it.  Maybe some of you can relate to this no matter what the number might be.  A few years ago I lost about 35 lbs so I would like to get back into that size and goal weight again.  I feel unhealthy and know my that if I would start exercising more regularly and eating better I would feel better.

I'm also at a point in my professional life where I'm not exactly sure where to go, I will begin substituting again after break after doing this for 2 years.  I hope it will turn into something more full time in the Fall.  My husband is concerned about not finding work after he retires so this would help him feel better if I already had a contract.  I thought about going back to school but I'm not sure what else I would do if not in education.  I have been waiting for my DH to graduate before starting anything else.  I could start on my masters but feel uneasy about staying in eduation when I haven't found a teaching job for years.  I heard about many teachers retiring when I was in college I just want to know when that will happen exactly I"ve been out of school since '96 and taught for a total of 6 years.  Mmm... I guess people have delayed retirement.

Well, whatever 2010 will bring I am excited at the prospect and I know that God has a plan for me and my family and I just have to trust that it will be a good one.  I'll be back to share some more photos of my home soon.

Wishing you and your family a Blessed and Happy New Year,


  1. i'm with ya there. i don't resolutions either. i never keep them. but i am gonna work harder on shedding some pounds. happy new year!!!

  2. Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year too, Carey! I hope everything works out on the job front for you and your husband. What did you used to teach? (My husband is a HS Math teacher and I used to be an elementary/middle school Spanish teacher...)

    Have a good, wintry weekend!

  3. Carey,
    Im sure what ever you try your hand at you will be successful!! Your home looks beautiful, I always look forward to your pictures, seeing how you decorate your new home. As for those extra lbs...they were also on me after 3 kids in 5 years, this summer I finally started eating right and exercising...lost it all and I feel so much healthier...back to it now that the holidays are over!!!
    Have A Great New Year!!

  4. Happy New Year Carey! I completely understand the whole get healthy feeling. I'm feeling it as well, I could stand to drop a few. I hope you enjoy your subbing job, and it leads to more opportunities.