Friday, April 24, 2009

Yeah for Christina!

I want to introduce some of you to my daughter, Christina. She is nine years old and in the third grade. I have two children and she is the oldest. I feel very lucky and blessed to have both a boy and girl. At her school they do AR reading. This program allows them to read books on their level not necessarily the same grade so that they can excel in reading. She just finished reading the first Harry Potter book all by herself. Her reading level is around the end of 5th grade now. She attends a pretty small school but out of grades 3-6 she was the top reader point wise last week. I'm so proud of her for this recognition. I have always read to her and encouraged reading so this was a great honor. Yeah Christina!

Have a great weekend,


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  1. Yeahhhhhh Christina
    Very nice proud.
    What a beautiful daughter you have!