Saturday, April 25, 2009

Auction Day

Today we loaded up in the SUV and went to Pinkneyville for an auction. We lived in MO for 10 years and found some pretty good deals. I got a few things that I will need to makeover. On some of the items I got some great deals. The grey graniteware was a good deal for $3. We spent twenty dollars on everything and I didn't even take pictures of all of it. Some of it went in the trash. We will sell some when we have a garage sale. Afterwards we went to the White Rabbit Antique Mall and much to my surprise I found a prim booth with some treasures. Everything but the bread basket came from there. The candle smells so yummy and I can't wait to burn it. Hopefully, next week I will show you some of the makeovers. I plan on painting the santa lamp. Any ideas for what to put on the shade? It's made of wood. The baskets I plan on painting too.

Our auction finds

A close-up of the jack-o-lantern candle holders. I was also thrilled with the strainer that my dh bid on for me.

Here's the basket I will probably paint and the santa lamp. It has a cute little accent light inside and it works. I even got some Pilates bands for $1. Yeah!

A great brown crock for $1 but it did crack a in a big spot as my dh washed it up for me. He's going to try and glue it back for me.

My primitive finds bread basket at a little shop on main street 1/2 off. The rest of it came from a booth at the White Rabbit. The crows are little tarts that smell like cinnamon apple.

A little sampler

Have a blessed Sunday,



  1. I love all your goodies! I've never been to Pinkneyville. I'll have to try to go when I'm home visiting one of these days.

  2. Good morning Carey!
    Thanks for visiting me today....
    I'm loving all your new found treasures and don't those wax scented thing smell so good. I love the brown crock.

  3. Hey Carey,
    Great finds you have there. I love the crock in spite of it being cracked. Your graniteware is another favorite. Your pumpkins will look great shining brightly this Halloween. Be sure and post more pics when you get everything painted and done up.