Monday, April 27, 2009

Lamp Before and After

Today I didn't get everything done I wanted to do but I thought I would post some today and some more tomorrow. First I painted the shade and decided to just leave it black for now. I sanded the edges just a bit. Not sure if I should leave it or attempt a stencil?? Any ideas for me? My DH glued the crock and it doesn't look too bad. It actually shows up in the pictures more than in person. I moved this little table to a dark corner in my family room. It used to be by the front door and it just sort of sat know what I mean. Something about it didn't look right to me. I guess it's small and just needs a nook to sit into that makes it look complete. Sorry about the dark pictures but I had to wait for everything to dry. Plus, tonight I my busy night teaching Turbo and Pilates back to back. It was fun though! I'll show you my baskets tomorrow.

Lamp Before

Lamp After

My little nook with the brown crock, and made over lamp. The little red bench was a project too. It was just unfinished and I've had it done for awhile so I was looking for something to put it on and this seemed perfect.

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  1. Your little light looks great! First time visiting your blog and I love it. I am now wondering why I haven't seen your blog before. Hmmm, ok well now I am happy to report that I am a follower and really enjoy your blog : )

    Have a great week!!

    ~ Lisa (Prims from Above)

  2. I love how your lamp turned out! The gathering with the crock on the little table looks great! Have a great day Carey!

  3. I love how the lamp turned out! Maybe just lightly brush a different (dark) color over the black for a mottled look - instead of painting something on it....I like the plain look of it - it doesn't take away from the clear light jar.

    Great little corner for you cabinet! Great work.

  4. Carey, Love the way your lamp turned out! Perfectly prim!