Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scrapbook page

Here is my page that I managed to complete at my crop that was a flop the other night. We took a little trip to St. Louis earlier this year and went to Jilly's Cupcake Bar. It was ok but definately not worth the price in my opinion. I probably won't go back. The kids thought it was fun. Who doesn't like cupcakes? I went through a huge cupcake thing awhile back and really wanted to try a bakery that specialized in them. If you like them too here are some places you might want to check out.

I love these blogs:

This lady cracks me up with her smiles and faces

a great site overall for recipes and links

great recipes when you run out of ideas

self confessed cupcake queen tells you where you can go

So leave me a little comment and let me know this question? Do you like cupcakes? What is your favorite kind?

Have a wonderful day and eat a sweet treat!

P.S. Scrapping products used (3 bugs in a rug, Bazzill cardstock, creative imaginations)


  1. Hey Girlie Girl! Thanks for your visit! Do I like cupcakes... check out this link... it was a cupcake project my girls made for my dad's birthday.
    Blessings, Kimberly

  2. Very cool Kimberly, love the way they are personalized.


  3. Oh yumm! I love chocolate cake with a marshmallow filling and cocunut in the icing!!

    Thanks for stopping by and Happy Mother's Day!!

  4. What a shame the Cupcake Bar wasn't all you had hoped sounds like it would be!
    Thanks for all the links for cupcakes.
    I guess my favorite is Chocolate with Buttercream or Cream Cheese frosting.