Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gardening and a Little Break

the view in my backyard

Good morning! While I am sitting here in my new chair listening to the birds even owls hooting with a gentle breeze I feel so lucky to be alive! It's a picture perfect morning. I managed to read a little from my gardening book and have my cup of coffee or 2! Yeah! I'll share some pics of my recent plantings and new table. I am by no means a gardener. Just wanted to spruce things up a bit. I bought the usual impatients, petunias for annuals. By my front walk I have a shady spot and Robert and Christina helped me pick out some plants too. I also got a few geraniums. I just love those. Last Fall I planted the mums and the lady at the nursery told me that they would be beautiful this year. I was so lucky because last year they bloomed twice. They have come back. Then I have a huge daylily and a purple coneflower in the front. That's about it really. Some of the things we have around our house I didn't plant. We have also had lilies, hyacinths, tulips, lilacs and peonies this spring. The peonies and lilacs got pelted by a storm though. Since this house is a rental I haven't gone hog wild. But maybe someone else will enjoy the perennials next summer.

I will be taking a little break from blogging for the weekend. I'm traveling to IN to see family and start looking at a few houses. My inlaws don't have internet. Remember, I had said in my first post that my house would be the focus of my blog. So that journey is about to begin sort of . We're just starting to look and I'm trying not to get excited but it's very hard. We were kinda happy with one house. It's a yellow farmhouse style on about 10 acres but it doesn't have a full basement and has an offer on it. Another house is a country style home that has lots of space is about an hour away from family. Last minute we also decided to look at a tudor style house on 5 acres built in 69' that is in our 1st choice school district. We aren't ready to really buy anything just yet. I'm hoping to get a teaching contract this Fall and a lot depends on whether that happens or not. My husband doesn't retire till next spring but we want to start getting ready for it. I have my applications in both IL and IN hoping to land a job. It would be much easier if I already had a job lined up before my DH retires so we're both not looking at the same time. I have prayed about this for a long time and I'm not sure what God has plans for me to do.

the front of my house

my son picked these flowers

my roses

geraniums in my thrift store basket

another view in the front with mums, daylilie (on left) and some petunias in between

my patio set

I should be back Monday night. I hope all of you have a blessed memorial day weekend. Don't forget about all our veterans and current soldiers who fight for our country to be free.



  1. So very nice...I'm not a gardener either but I try:) Today I planted impatients and also did my two window boxes with red geraniums and two others but I forget the names.LOL

    Good luck with the house hunting and I hope you find your country dream home:)

  2. Beautiful flowers Carey! Have a nice weekend!