Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Movie Night with Pizza

At our house we have a simple tradition we started with the kids a few years ago. It's pretty simple we either rent or watch a movie together. We have also played games and had a game night. The big must is the pizza. We either go to our local pizza place or make our own. I'm always on the lookout for the perfect crust and pizza. I've always tried many different things but we're pretty simple at our house. We like traditional crusts best. I've tried wheat and half and half but it tends to be tough no matter what I do so we usually do white flour crusts with the usual toppings. My DD hates mushrooms so we usually just go with pepperoni for them. I decided to try Mommy's Kitchen restaurant style breadsticks and skillet pizza this week. My family literally inhaled the breadsticks. While this is not a very healthy meal with the butter on the sticks and the white flour crust I'm sure you could modify it a bit to meet your families tastes and needs. My husband really liked the crust on the pizza. He has always been a fan of Pizza Hut's original deep dish pan pizza. This was easy to make despite the dough being very sticky. I added some extra flour while kneading, Ok a lot of flour probably with the sticks at least 1 cup more. She says they should be a stiff dough so I was going by that. Also, one more idea when I make this again I may split up my breadstick dough. As you can see mine were a little crowded on the sheet. It got the big thumbs up from everyone at our house. Yummy!

Hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. Carey ~
    Those breadsticks look yummy. I love pizza hut pan crust, too. It's my very favorite.

  2. Love pizza and breadsticks...they look so good:)

  3. Yummy! It looks delicious! I always love homemade pizza:-)Have a good weekend Carey!

  4. Your family night sounds wonderful and fun.
    I just went and got the breadstick recipe - can't wait to fix them now.

    We used to have Family Sunday when the boys were young and home....we'd have a big Sunday dinner around 1:00 and than our supper would be home made popcorn and watch Disnesy....we did this for years and sometimes Doug's parents would be there but we still had our family night!

  5. We used to have a family night too when our kids were young!! We would order pizza and rent movies too!! Have a wonderful weekend!~Wendy

  6. Carey~ We just had Pizza Hut pizza tonight for dinner. But I think yours looks much better... YUMMO!!

    Hugs!! Carrie♥

  7. We do the same thing on Friday nights. I usually make the Pizza unless we're super busy that day!


  8. We love pizza and movies at our house too. I have a pizza crust recipe that we all like if you are interested in trying it. It has some Italian seasonings and parmesan cheese right in the crust!

    Also wanted to thank you for signing up for our May giveaway. Sorry you were not the winner. Our June giveaway is for a painted slate. Your welcome to bop over and check it out.