Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Roosters and Chicks party

Hello blogging friends, as many of you know I have developed a taste for these lovely little critters.  Last year my DH took me to a Bed and Breakfast where we stayed on a farm and I got to go help gather eggs.  Keeping them around reminds me of what a great trip I had and the memories that were created.  I have started reading about how to care for and keep chickens in my free time.  Someday I hope to have my own little flock, that's my little farm girl dream! :)

I'm joining the party!

This is my first little guy, who's sitting on my kitchen table right now.

This handsome boy is a Westmoreland candy dish I got from Etsy.  I have been changing my decor transitioning from my Red, White and Blue summer things to my Sunflowers and Crows.  I'll be back soon to share more with you soon.  If you're visiting from Note Songs, welcome to my blog I hope you'll make yourself at home and check out my blog.



  1. Well, you have two very different birds there. An I'm impressed that you have a plan for transitioning from season to season - I'm never that deliberate about it.

  2. Hi Carey! Oh, I'm so glad you came to my party. I loved seeing your Roosters and I'm totally in love with that white milk glass one. He looks vintage! I hope some day your dream comes true and you'll have your own chickens.
    Thanks again for coming to my party.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Carey,
    First...I saw the Sunflower on your sidebar...then I read your profile...loved, loved, loved it! Visiting from Shelia's party!I'll be back to see more of your Sunflowers in the near future.

  4. Good Morning Carey~
    I had the best time this morning visiting your blog~ I think we may be kindred spirits!
    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. Hi Carey, Love your Roosters! Is that a breadboard they are setting on? Love it :)