Friday, August 5, 2011

Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations on a Budget!

Here at our house we are gearing up for back to school!  My kids are actually getting excited about it...they do this every year.  By the actual day they are so wound up it's cute!  I went shopping for school clothes with  my daughter which becomes increasingly difficult every year.  She has to find the perfect outfit.  I have a little fashionista on my hands!  My son is pretty easy to shop for. 

yep...29 again!

This week I had my birthday and my anniversary was yesterday.  21 years ago I married my husband, I love him more today than ever.  He is such a good husband, provider and father to our children.

My daugher made up this Menu on the computer.  Cute? huh

This was such a cute idea we're going to do it again.  Since we were having burgers and fries..I know not very romantic for an anniversary my DD thought the 50's diner would be perfect.  However, it's my hubby's favorite meal and it saved us money. 

She decked it out with pictures of Elvis, and Marilyn etc.  I'm thinking she may be a party planner when she grows up.  She is super creative and loves to plan parties :)

 She wore her roller skates just this once in the house ;)

I did have to cook my own meal, but they served us and cleaned up the dishes.  Then we put on the 50s music and had a fun little sock hop right in the kitchen.  It was such a fun night at home...cost nothing!  We're going to continue this tradition and use different themes...Chinese, 80s, 70s the possibilities are endless.   What are you doing for fun this summer??



  1. Fantastic idea! It looks like a lot of fun. BTW... Happy Anniversary and Birthday!!

  2. Love it!! Making memories that last a lifetime.

  3. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!! How fun to have so many things to celebrate. I think it is so sweet how your daughter planned a special dinner for you and even wore her roller skates. This will be a memory that you all remember for years to come.
    I wanted to thank you for your sweet comments today and also tell you that I found my dishtowels at our local Habitat for Humanity store. They had them in a silent auction and I was the lucky bidder. I wish you luck in finding some for yourself.