Thursday, May 23, 2013


There is something about tying an apron around my waist that makes me happy!  I'm not sure what it is about aprons.  I certainly didn't give much thought to them when I was younger.  I thought they were something old ladies wore :(  Now I see a purpose.  I have a connection to my past and my present.  Several years ago I lost my mother.  Many of you that have followed me for a long time know what a huge loss that was for me.  However, I now embrace these memories I have of her and realize that why she isn't physically here I feel her presence many times.  Usually in the kitchen...while I'm cooking or baking.  I hear her voice.  I feel like she is with me. I was thinking about her and my aunt yesterday as I was kneading dough.  I cannot think of anything more satisfying than baking a loaf of bread.  It's so therapeutic.  I couldn't for the life of me remember when I was taught me to knead bread.  I'm positive it was my mother.  I know that a lot of what I learned was through trial and error on my own.  As a child I never was interested in cooking, really.  When my mom tried to show me I was very impatient and disinterested...until I became a young bride then her phone was ringing daily!!! LOL  I can relate to this now because my daughter is the exact same way.  :) 

Aprons mean many things to me but homemaking is at the heart.  I feel like I'm putting on my uniform for the day.  I find it a comfortable part of my routine.  Even when I am working I love being about to come home and put on this apron.  At church socials I put one on to help prepare dinner or do up the dishes.  When I bake I always wear my apron.  When we have guests and it's time for me to dress I put on an apron so I don't get dirty.  I love it when my kids come home from school and ask if I have made them something yummy.  I do admit that I don't always wear one when I clean (sometimes I'm afraid ruining my cute aprons) but when I'm at home I usually am in an apron at some point during the day.  

So here's a question for you do you prefer full or half aprons?
I love them all in cheerful colors. :)

Do you wear aprons when you bake/cook or both?  Do you still wear them?

I still love to watch Lucy!  She cracks me up and the kids like it too. 

What do aprons mean to you?  Do you embrace them? 

Shout out to my blogging friend Sandra, go check out her blog I was inspired by her latest post. 

What are you up this summer?  I'm looking forward to lazy summer days by the pool with the kids, lots of grilling and no teaching for me.  Yeah!  I am still teaching fitness though. :) 

Happy Homemaking,


  1. I LOVE aprons...I did a post about them a while ago because I love them so much lol

    I like them in all shapes and sizes, but I have to say that for cooking I prefer the full ones, they cover more so I don't splatter all over my clothes lol

  2. I do wear aprons when baking. I like the tie behind the back, full aprons. I'm a messy baker... ha! Good to see you posting Carey. I blogged for the first time in well over a month. Take Care, Amy

  3. Carrie,
    What a precious post, dear friend!!!
    I know exactly what you mean about feeling your Mother's presence when you are in the kitchen!!! Talk about comfort...and not just in the food one is preparing!
    I do wear an apron!
    I prefer a full apron...MoMa always said I was her messy cook!
    (But, I'm also the cleanest housekeeper!!!)
    Half apron's are nice for serving, but MoMa had strick rules. . .
    Once the company arrives...the Apron comes off!!!
    I have, truly, missed you in the Land of Blog. . .
    so~o~o glad to see your post!!!
    EnJOY your Summer!