Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunflowers and Tea

Good morning blogging friends!  I wanted to show you my transitional mantle from summer to Fall.  But I've already changed it...hint hint so Fall pics will be coming!  At the end of the summer when my friend was here we visited a tea room.  It was so much fun!  We had a blast.  I've decided I love Scones and Tea! I could do this daily and not tire of it.  Those women in England knew they were onto something...a scheduled break in your day that included a snack to tide you over till your evening meal and calming, soothing liquid.  I'm a devoted coffee drinker but this stuff had me change my mind.  It's my new favorite Fall drink too! 

This is called the Ruby Pear Tearoom in Noblesville, IN.  They took such great care of us and it was delicious.  I had the pecan chicken salad sandwich, a green salad, cranberry pecan scone, fat rascal cookie and a chocolate dipped strawberry.  It was yummy!  If you live in the area or are traveling close to Indianapolis it's worth the trip.  They have great shops in town too. I couldn't resist picking this cookbook up too :)  


The scones were made Southern style, which means sweet and lighter!  If you've dried scones and they were hard and dry...give these a try.  I promise they are yummy.

See you for Fall decorating soon!



  1. Tea time! I have really taken to drinking tea lately. I've given up coffee for
    the most part with the exception of a Pumpkin Spice Latte every once in a while. That tea and scone looks delish! So fun having tea with friends... looks like you both had a great time. Oh.. yeah.. its fall decorating time!
    Take care Carey.

  2. Carey,
    I love your Fall mantle with the Sunflowers!!! Tea and scones are totally the best afternoon break, ever! However, I still have my morning coffee...and now that it's cooler...on the deck!!! Thanks for your sweet comment and visit recently! Welcome Fall...I'll be back to see your newest mantle decor!

  3. Carey,

    Oh how I love sunflowers! Your mantle looks great! Looks very cheery! I just got finished with my inside fall decorating last night. It even feels a little like fall around here! :)


  4. I love sunflowers. And that tea and scones sound amazing :)

  5. Oh I looooooove your shutters & star!!!!! How about those blueberry turnovers yummmmy :) happy fall thx for the inspiration I gotta put my pumpkins out!