Friday, December 2, 2011

Silver and White Ornament Tray

Hello, Happy December! My house is pretty much decked out for Christmas.  I just love this time of year.  There is excitement in the air that you only feel during this time....

I thought I would share a quick decorating idea that I'm not sure where I saw it first.  Maybe you can relate to this I saw it on a blog, magazine or pinterest, just not sure which one. LOL! Then when I attended a craft show I saw this display in the middle of the table.  I am lovin' the silver, white frosty look this year.  If you have antique ornaments this would look great. Also, the mercury glass you see in many big name stores might be nice. I think this makes a great sofa table, coffee table grouping.  If you're don't feel like going all out you could add a small tree and you'd be done with your decorating :)

The best part is I spent almost 0 dollars for this!  I have a black serving tray lined with muslin material.  Mine was a little long so I doubled in then I tied the end with some twine. I placed some silver ornaments of different sizes, snowflakes, and beaded ivory sprigs tucked in.  I did buy the sprig from Michael's. (2.99) Then the original versions contain a tall cylinder glass candle holder.  It had a round floating candle inside.  I used a Ball jar and some faux snow with Bath and Body Works mini candle.


Silver and White Centerpiece = $3

Be Merry :)
Happy Decorating!
Stay turned for my Christmas Open House Part I.


  1. So pretty. I love the silver and white combo most definitely! And the faux snow is perfect in your mason. :)

  2. Beautiful Carey! I love white and silver. Pretty blog background too!
    I think I'm going to use mason jar tea lights for Christmas dinner (tables-cape) this year.