Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Has Sprung and Laundry Room Reveal

I'm so happy, my yard is becoming green.  I have little tiny buds appearing all over my yard.  It's been warm enough to finally take a walk.  The rain has disappeared for a few days.  

I can't wait to see more of this!

And for the Big Laundry Reveal!

It's finally DONE!!!!

Here's what the other end looks like.

Close-up of the flooring, Vinyl (Honey Oak)

I didn't want to go with real wood because let's face it, it's a laundry room.  We have had some issues with water in the past when it rains extremely hard.  We have worked to resolve that but I would rather not ruin the floor just put down.  We have some Pergo in another area of the basement.  It's expensive and it could be ruined by water.   We bought this at Lowe's and it comes in strips.  It has some texture to it so I think it fools you by walking on it too.  For now it's functional but not too decorative.  We still need trim but it will function for awhile.  Here's my dream list that will have wait:

*an old/new cabinet  (to hid my cleaning essentials inside)
*Shelf (for Laundry soap)
*a folding table or cabinet
*shelves to display my vintage laundry things
*wicker lined baskets with cute fabric for kids clothes
*drying rack
*cute accessories (framed prints, signs or old soap boxes, irons)

Maybe someday it will be a little less plain and look like these;)

Happy Spring!



  1. Flowers are so pretty. We are starting to see daffodils pop up! YAY... I bet your so excited to have the laundry room all finished. Now comes the fun part.. decorating!

  2. Pretty, pretty flowers~ love the laundry room, I see lots of decorating potential in there, that'll be fun.... Blessings, Traci