Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gooseberry Patch and Country Living Fair

I'm one happy girl after visiting the Country Living Fair yesterday.  It was so neat!  The highlight of my day was definately meeting Jo Ann and Vicki from Gooseberry Patch!  I brought one of my favorite cookbooks Welcome Home for the Holidays to sign and then couldn't resist the urge to buy a few more!  LOL!  They had a show special so I was able to get 3, one gift and 2 new ones Homemade Harvest and Homemade Christmas!  By the way, these are on sale right now and they're having a contest you can enter to win the Harvest one on their website.

I didn't take too many pictures, it was so crowded and I wasn't sure of the policies of many of the booths.

Vicki and Jo Ann recommended I go over and try some dessert from this booth after mentioning I like pie.  However, the line was incredibly long and they were just serving cobbler so I passed.  It looked yummy though! 

It was very windy and hot so there were a lot of tents and goodies blowing over.  I felt sorry for the vendors.  I was overwhelmed with all the tents and vendors.  I would love to go again next year with someone and make a weekend of it.  I think the early bird might be worth it.  I got there at 10 and the exit was completely backed up.  I didn't even need my GPS.  There was a variety of decorating styles, lots of candles, arts and antiques.  I loved the prim shops the best.  I already had made up my mind that I wasn't go to buy much unless I found that one of a kind thing that I just couldn't pass up.  I searched but never found it.  I did buy some signs, very reasonable.  He has a blog called Berries in the Meadow Art and a shop on etsy too.  He was a very nice gentleman.  Some people had folding carts and they did offer a drop off station where you could rent space to put larger items.  It was so far from the fair to the parking lot, I think that makes you think twice before purchasing things. 

Well, my family and I are off to visit the apple orchard today for some apple cider donuts and fresh cider.  Have a blessed weekend, enjoy the season!



  1. Oh.. I heard that was this weekend. Columbus right? So cool you were able to check it out. How fun to meet the ladies of GBP. Enjoy the apple orchard... We are going to the Applefest...HA!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by the booth, Carey! We really enjoyed meeting new friends at the fair this weekend...we'll be posting lots more photos today so keep an eye out!

    And, anytime YOU post about Gooseberry Patch here on your blog and feel like sharing, post a link our our Page on Facebook ( or on our blog ( or both...we'd love to keep up!

  3. I was there also! I loved it..we went Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. I also brought three Gooseberry Patch books and had one Signed: )