Saturday, August 7, 2010

Birthday Celebration!

Last Saturday was my birthday too.  This was yet another reason my hubby planned this little get away weekend for us.  I hope I'm not overloading you with too many pictures.  We just had such a good time.

Well, you know this gal loves some homemade pie so that's what I wanted for my birthday, no cake for me!
He took me to a town called Glendale, KY where we went antique and prim shopping.  While we were there we stopped at the Whistlestop Cafe and had lunch.  My husband ordered the Chicken Fried Steak and I had a Salad (saving room for pie) then I picked the coconut cream pie for dessert.  It was delicious!!! My family doesn't like coconut so I never get to make this one.

I loved the little lights at the table.  The sign was a recipe for homemade peach pie.  It was very crowded so I didn't get a lot of pictures but it was decorated with lots of old railroad themed memoriabelia.

a lil' log cabin edition

house on main street
Isn't it charming?

This was my favorite store, GreenTop.  It was filled with antiques and primitive booths.
My hubby bought me a redware crow plate.

The front of the store was all decked out with crows and summer.  This old time window frame with the crow and sign was so cute but at $49 I had to pass.  Inside they had some fall in the corner and upstairs, I could have done some real damage but I'm trying to stick to our budget.

This train was made completely out of wood down to the wheels.  I had to take a picture for my son and his grandpa, who loves to build.

Thanks for sharing my day with me, have a great weekend!



  1. The Whistlestop Cafe looks like a great place to go. Glad you had such a great time!

  2. Too many pictures.. never! That cafe looks so sweet.. yummy pie. I've never had coconut cream pie before. Glad you enjoyed your weekend.. that's a sweet hubby you have there. Great picture of you Carey!

  3. Happy belated birthday girl!! Looks like you had a fabulous time and LOVED the pictures :) You look awesome!! Have a great weekend! ~ Laura

  4. Happy belated birthday Carey!!! We share the same birthday and both have great husbands who made OUR day extra special! Thanks for sharing your day with us. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!


  5. Happy Belated Birthday!! That pie looks YUMMY!! What a wonderful way to celebrate- prim shopping, time with hubby and delicious food!!

  6. Hi. I live in Ohio Cty Ky. I go to Whistle Stop (Glendale) a lot. I lovvvve it there. I hate it that the original depot burnt down, but the new one looks pretty good. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do every time I go.