Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Homemade Laundry Soap

Here's a little project I did a week ago that was super easy!  It's as easy as grating cheese.  You just boil some water and add the soap to it.  Then you add the other ingredients and whollah!! Laundry soap.  Don't think it's worth the effort or money read here to find out more!  I used Fels Naptha soap instead which you can find at Meijer or most grocery stores in the bath soap isle.  I ordered mine from Amazon which was slightly more due to shipping because I didn't think my store carried it and found it too late.  Here's my pictures of how it turned out.

Ingredients needed

1 cup Washing Soda (Arm & Hammer)
1/2 cup borax (Mule Team)
Fels Naptha Bar soap
approx, 3 gal. water

Here it is on my stove simmering away, you need to dissolve the soap completely.

Here's the end result, mine slighly yellow. 

All in all I was very impressed with how easy it was, if you can boil water and grate cheese it's easy.  I did all this while baking and cleaning in my kitchen.  When I first came across recipes for soap I thought it would be worth more trouble and not be worth it in the long run.   I have changed my mind about that.  It got my son's ball clothes clean so I think it works just as well as my other store brand soap.  My only complaint about it was the stuff seemed to gel up quite a bit to the point where it's hard to pour out of the bottle especially if you recycle your own laundry dispensers and try to use a pour spout.  I'm going to do some more research and see if I can't tweak the recipe or find a new one to alleviate this problem. 

$ bottom line
Homemade laundry soap $8.15 vs Tide for a year $73.23
savings $65.08 a year

Have a great day, you probably guessed what I'm doing- Laundry!


P.S.  Here's a few more links if you're interesed. Laundry Soap


  1. I Made this once too! I got my recipe from the Duggers Book. It works great!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Never tried it, but know several that have and love it. I've heard it cleans clothes well!

  3. I have only used homemade powder, but plan to make the liquid next time. The recipe I am going to use is just a little different. I will let you know how it turns out.

    Have a great day!

  4. I did this a few months a go and love it. I recycle my old laundry soap containers and find its a lot easier to pour if you give it a good stir first and then I shake the bottle before pouring. I think next time I try it, I am going to add a little fragrance to it.


  5. I have seen a similar receipe used only the water was not added. It was just used dry. I am going to try making my own soap because, as you pointed out, you can save a lot of money and we really need to do that.

    Thanks for sharing.