Sunday, February 21, 2010

Moving Furniture Around

On Wednesday as you probably saw from my house routine I clean the kitchen.  I decided that the dining room table needed to be moved out so I could properly clean that floor too.  You know how when you're cleaning one thing leads to another then another.  Even though I try to follow flylady I still find it difficult to not get sidetracked sometimes.  I wondered what my cute little round table (we had taken out the leaf) would look like in my kitchen.  It's meant to have a table in it but I've never had a formal dining room before so we don't have two sets.  Well, I dragged it into the kitchen and added my checked tablecloth and I just instantly fell in love with my kithen all over again.  It's my favorite room in the house.  I love how the light just pours in these windows.  I plan on leaving it for awhile, I like it so much that my empty dining room doesn't bother me too much right now.  I hope we get more sunshine this week because I plan on moving my coffee/reading time in their in the a.m.  There's something so homey about having this empty space filled that just puts a smile on my face. 

I was reading in the paper today that you can do a few things to your home that will really make a difference.  Now to some of you I'm sure this isn't new but I like to do these things every once in a while and it does make difference in the look and feel of your home.  This is especially good in you're on a budget or trying to spend less money on your home.

1.  Try rearranging furniture in your room.

2.  Repurpose items that you have already.  Use an old tool carrier for a remote control holder.

3.  Add some seasonal silk flowers or fresh ones from the grocery store.

4.  Add soft lights, use candles, dimmers, battery operated lights to add that ambiance to your home.

5.  Move around your accessories.  We all like this one the most!

I did a few of these things in my pictures.  I moved my table.  I added the silk daisies and moved the grey graniteware from another place.  I also got some new spring scents from B & BW this week.  I'm trying the Strawbarry Patch and Lilac Blossom.  Another one of my favorites that just says clean and fresh is Fresh Linen. 

my table

How it looks in the space

Hopefully, you will find something that you can use in this post or it will inspire you to do a bit more with what you already have.  If you already knew about all of these things because I know how savvy my followers are it will just be a friendly reminder to do them!

Have a blessed Sunday,



  1. Carey it looks great in there. I luv the windows. I see why it's your favorite room.Enjoy!

  2. Love the windows too and your table looks the tablecloth:)


  3. Your table looks good in your kitchen. Moving things around makes everything new again.

  4. I think your table looks great should make your dining room into a special sitting room now.
    I like doing all the things you mentioned here but as of late I haven't done much of it at all and it's JUST ABOUT TIME I DID...getting a real case of WINTER BLAHS!

  5. There's nothing better than creating a "new" look with some rearranging and shuffling. I love doing that and it's probably time to shake things up again.

    I really like what you've added to your kitchen area. It's so inviting and must be a dream with all of that warm sunshine pouring in...

  6. I love all of the light that flows into your kitchen. Natural light is one of my favorite things! Your table looks great in there and the table cloth is super cute.

    I bought the same Welcome sign at JoAnn's over the weekend. I plan to use it in a springtime wreath for the front door. I guess great minds link alike.

  7. I really enjoy having our main eating space in my kitchen.. well breakfast nook I think it's really called. I think it is far more convenient than caring everything to the dining room. I no longer have a formal dining room, although during the holidays I miss it. Of course that was the only real time we used it. Everyone always wants to be in the kitchen.

  8. These are some fantastic ideas!!!
    I love what you did-