Friday, July 22, 2011

Tweaking my Summer Mantle and New Candle love!

Here's what my mantle looks like now that I've had a little time to play around with it.  I really wanted it to be light and bright so I added my white cake stands and pitchers.  I will be bringing my sunflowers up soon now that most of my 4th stuff is down so it will probably change again.  :) Does anybody else like to switch things around like me?

I have been inspired by a lot of blue lately too so I thought after bringing down my Ball jars for the 4th of July for table settings I might try something on my sofa table.   I love how just small changes and putting things in different rooms can change the whole look.

Blue Ball jars, Daisy, Cloche', white stand and flag

Whatcha think?? Anybody else feeling the blues lately?  I'm yearning for Fall with this intense heat wave.  I am looking forward to spending some time with my kiddos before they go back to school.  I am going to try to find some inexpensive things to do with them.  No vacation for us this year.  I have about three weeks off after next week before I go back for Fall semester. Speaking of Fall, I picked up this candle at Jo Ann's last weekend.  It was 40% off (Home Collections), Star Lytes,New England Maple.  It smells really good almost Fall like. 

Hope you're keeping cool inside!


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  1. We basically get the same weather as you know.. and seriously.. spending any time outside this past week was so miserable. I LOVE Summer, and warm weather but this is WAY to much for even me.

    I like your updates. White is just so pretty... especially this time of year.
    I love the blue jars with zinc lids.

    Mmm.. I bet that candle smells so good! I need to drop by Joanns this week.. I think I'll check out their candles while I'm there. P.S.. I love their coupons.