Friday, July 2, 2010

Home and Garden Tour part 2

Greetings bloggers I thought I would post a few more pictures of some homes I saw last weekend.  One lady in particular and I talked for quite a while and she paints and does very primitve gardening pieces.  Every month she and another lady do a show on her property.  Her home was built in 1920 and she moved onto this house on the farm and never looked back raised her children.  One day someone stated at a family gathering that a bigger kitchen would be nice.  She said before she knew it her and her husband began drawing up the plans.  The best part was her 12 x 15 kitchen became even bigger because her husband wanted a square home.  So they added a dining room on too. Her kitchen is wonderful!  My camera was about to die when I was taking these shots so some of them were fast and furious.  I felt a connection between us and I hope we can become friends. 

A shot of the home from the back of the property

Is there anything better than an old barn?

I loved this little message by the side door.

the view of the front of the house
Don't you love the red siding?

She has the most beautiful shady big ole' trees.

Now let's go inside...

Her window valance is a pitchfork, neat idea!  The picture color is pretty bad but the cabinets are actually a very dark red.

This is the other end of the kitchen.  They added a faux brick wall to give it a focal point.  She said it needed something.  The table is an old table that she refinished and distressed white.  Her husband made the red cupboard to display her dishes.  She also stenciled it all herself.

This is the dining room, that connects to the kitchen through french doors.  She has a clear view of her front gardens here.  I just loved her light fixture, chairs and fireplace mantel.  Most of the wood pieces she paints and makes herself.  I couldn't take pictures of all of them up closer because of my camera.

Well, friends off to bake some cupcakes and get some things ready for our party tomorrow.  We are finally having a retirement/housewarming party for our friends and family.   I'll share a recipe soon for blueberry pie!  This would make a great addition to a 4th celebration.



  1. Oh, I love that home! I have those kitchen cabinets. Love all the personal touches that make it so warm and welcoming.

  2. What a beautiful home!! This was decorated so cute and I love it. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  3. This home is beautiful and I love the pitchfork for a curtain rod..Have a great 4th..

  4. Wow, what a wonderful home and setting...I'm sure you will be friends and enjoy each other from now on.
    Sweet idea for the valance rod! Clever.

    Happy 4th!