Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer is Ending but Bring on Fall!

How has the end of your summer been?  I've been so busy.  I'm so ready for change of season, routine and Fall Decorating...hip hip hooray!  Here's a little recap...

We went caving as a family.  Jeff had a birthday party in the cave!  :) Surprise Dad!

There was a surprise birthday bash that my friend hosted.  I turned the big 4-0!!! :)
My beautiful girl was confirmed into the church! 
Our friends came for a visit. We had so much fun!

My kids went back to school...sigh so grown up looking.  Jr. high and 5th grade
I have some Sunflower pictures to share with you and we bought a cute new kitchen table.  Be back soon!
Blessings to you!
P.S.  I am not able to change my header, so if anyone can help me I'd love to know.  Blogger says I'm at my pic limit.  I tried loading from another website and couldn't get that to work either :(