Monday, June 3, 2013

Mantle Change

Since I'm off for the summer it's easier to get each room deep cleaned.  You know what I mean?  Everything dusted thoroughly, moved, swept and put back.  So far I feel pretty good about what I've done.  I've been off for not quite a full month.  I've done my bedroom, dining room and family room.  Yesterday we did yard work.  Last week I went shopping and felt inspired to move things around a bit.  I also went to some garage sales during the big 40-H garage sale.  I found a few things mostly glass ware for my kitchen. 
My mantle was in need of a change.  Here is what it looked like for the last month. 

Look closely and you will notice that it looks different than the one I had before.  Notice the ends.

Compare to last year

Last year we found that huge beam at an auction.  My DH put it up for me earlier this year.  Isn't it neat?  Just like the old mantles, rough cut.  I love it.  Best part is it was very inexpensive.  We've looked into rough cut beams and you can't find them.  When you do they cost quite a bit.  

More spring things

I'll be back soon to show you how I changed my mantle up for the summer! 


  1. How about the plant in the glass containers in summer now?


  2. You may never have a chance to read this...after all it's been 8 years since the last post. But if you do...I'm just now discovering your blog. Love it and looking forward to reading older posts. Mary, Windy Meadows Farm